Breakfast and Brunch

( 7.00 AM – 2.30 PM)

Homemade Crunchy Granola ($9.90)
Granola dusters with nuts, seeds and juicy raisins.
Served with Greek yogurt, seasonal fruit, honey,
and your choice of milk.
Pancakes ($12.90)
Fluffy pancakes served with salted caramel sauce,
Ice cream, seasonal fruit and vanilla Infused maple syrup.
Not So Big Brekky (GFO) ($9.90)
Bacon, two eggs cooked to your liking (poached, fried, scrambled).
roasted herb tomato and Turkish or sourdough toast.
Energy Brekky (V, GFO) ($9.90)
Two poached eggs, spinach,
half avocado and TurRi!h or sourdough toast.
Our favorite light and healthy breakfast.
Big Brekky (GFO) ($16.90)
Two rashers of bacon two eggs c~ to your liking (pooched, fried, scrambled),
roasted herb tomato, sauteed mushroom in be/ado spice, sausages,
hash brown and Turkish or sourdough toast.
 Not-so-classic Egg Benedict (V,GFO)
Two slices of toasted sourdough. spinach, your choice of topping,
two poached eggs, hollandaise sauce, sprinkled with toasted spiced coconut.
Choice of topping:
Our signature Beef Rendang ($15.90)
Bacon ($14.90)
Smoked salmon ($14.90)
Mushroom (V) ($13.90)
Scrumptious Corn Fritter Stack ($15.90)
Indonesian corn fritter stack with tomato relish, poached
eggs, and your choice of our signature beef rendang or bacon,
served with salad, herb oil and toasted spiced coconut.Choice of topping:
Signature Beef Rendong ($15.90)
Bacon ($15.90)
Mushroom (V) ($14.90)
Tasty Avocado Smash (V, GFO) ($15.90)
Toasted sourdough, our special avocado smash
with salsa, served with poached eggs, toasted spiced coconut,
balsamic glaze and salad with herb oil.
All our eggs are Free Range Eggs








Beef Rendang ($6)  Avocado ($2.50)
Bacon (1 rasher) ($2)  Grilled Herb Tomato ($1)
Smoked Salmon ($4)  Baked Beans ($3.50)
Chipolata Sausage (1) ($1)  Mushrooms ($3)
Egg (1) ($2)  Spinach ($2)
Hash Brown (1) ($1)  Chips Small ($3) / Large ($6)
Hollandaise Sauce ($1)  Sweet Potato Chips Small ($5) / Large ($8)
Feta Cheese ($2.50)  Gluten Free Bread ($1.50)
 Toast (Turkish/Sourdough) ($1.50 per slice)



V: Vegetarian GF: Gluten Free  GFO: Gluten Free Option VO: Vegan Option